Honored to win judges choice!

Leah Hamel with Dominique McDougal

Leah Hamel with Dominique McDougal

This past weekend, June 3rd, we had the pleasure to present dancer Leah Hamel's new piece Same. in St. George, Utah at the Red Rock Dance Festival. The festival featured the Paul Taylor 2 company who taught classes, performed and judged the choreography performance. The choreography festival was adjudicated by former original Paul Taylor dancer and now Paul Taylor 2 rehearsal director, Ruth Andrien, Paul Taylor 2 dancer and award winning choreographer, Greg Sample, and former Paul Taylor dancer Rachel Berman. We were honored to receive the judges choice award for the performance! Congratulations to dancer Leah Hamel on a fabulous piece which will be shown next in Las Vegas, July 28/29th. Congratulations to PDC dancers Kaycee Jannino, Elise Matthews, Dominique McDougal and Carisa Carroll on a beautiful performance!

In awe & wonder!

Words can not express the gratitude I have to have been apart of the Los Angeles Dance Festival. It was such an honor to share the stage with such talented artists. We had an amazing experience and will keep enjoying our memories for weeks to come!

Jeff Slayton wrote a wonderful review on seedance.com about our newest collaborated work that was presented at LADF. We also have video clips on our Instagram @pdcla.

"kənˈfôrmədē is the pronunciation form of the word conformity, meaning the compliance with standards, rules or laws. Choreographed by Carisa Carroll, the Artistic Director/Choreographer of Palm Dance Collective LA, the dance opens with performers walking, each seeming to have a destination in mind. One man, however, begins to twitch and change course which sets off a chain of events for lead dancer, Jestoni DagDag, who tries to conform, but cannot. Carroll has a strong sense of composition and the movement is tinged with loose athleticism. She uses physical contact to re-route her characters into nonconformity, and straight lines to demonstrate the lure of conformity. There is a beautiful duet with DagDag and Leah Hamel at the close of kənˈfôrmədē which highlights how many are resistance to change. The rest of the talented cast includes Kozue Kasahara, Elise Matthews, Lyla Palmer, Samantha Rose and Nicholas Shopoff." - Jeff Slayton

We look forward to presenting this piece at festivals to come and look forward to how it will ever evolve!

LADF, here we come!!!

This weekend starts our journey in the amazing 4 weekend long festival!!! This is an amazing opportunity for Los Angeles to experience all styles of dance, each night completely unique. We are so excited to kick off our part of the festival by having company class this Sunday, May 7th at 10am at the Brockus Project studios. The class is $20 and we are going to be scouting potential talent for upcoming projects we have starting up within the next few weeks! Since we are the first class of the day, we will do a short warm up and then jump into company rep and possibly some new work as well! 

Take advantage of all the amazing classes and performances!!! There's a great discount class card and same idea for the festival performances. 

We will be performing Sunday, May 14th! I know- it's Mother's Day- but don't let that stop you!! Bring your mom and make a fun day of it by going to brunch, walk on the beach and come to the show at 6pm!! Parking is going to be tough, we recommend getting a Lift or Uber.

Here's the link for tickets http://tinyurl.com/ofmdyxh

The venue is Theatre Raymond Kabbaz  https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjOpLOi0NrTAhVkw1QKHce1Cz8QFggqMAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.theatreraymondkabbaz.com%2F&usg=AFQjCNF_vDkhjbzk8QMAa5gQChW1CmjLnw


Can't wait to see you there!!

OCDF Success!

dancer Elise Matthews, photo by Tanne Willow

dancer Elise Matthews, photo by Tanne Willow

This past Sunday, April 2nd we performed my duet Sticks & Stones at the Rose Center Theater. Wow, Akomi Dance has it together! This was the smoothest dance festival ever! They were so organized and on top of it! Same with the theater. The lighting and stage crew was the happiest and most kind theater crew I've worked with! Very good experience! I believe the theater was close to sold out as well, very great turn out. Not to mention the fabulous performance job done by my dancers, Kaycee Jannino and Elise Matthews! Wow, they killed it on that stage!  This duet has mostly performed on smaller stages and they were able to expand this duet onto the Roses huge stage and still keep the quality of the piece in perfect condition! 

More great news- the first time this duet performed was while it was still a work in progress at BPS studios Voices show in December. I knew something was missing from the duet and tho none of my mentors were able to tell me what was missing, dance critic reviewer Jeff Slayton was! He reviewed the piece and I agree that what he said was exactly what I was looking for. Since then this piece performed in Santa Barbara at the HH11 dance festival which gave me another chance to apply what was needed, more of a story line that the audience could follow. I am now so happy to have been able to show this piece for the second time here in the LA area and get a great review from Jeff Slayton saying that it is now complete and a very strong work!

We will be performing this duet again in San Diego on Saturday, April 29th in the early afternoon!  Happy Wednesday!!!! 


A little while ago I posted an ad for wanting to collaborate with a local photographer. Never did I think it would end up being the most perfect situation! Tanne Udde is a student at the New York Film Academy which has a location here in LA. She is also a contemporary dancer!!! She has the most amazing process of taking pictures that create the most amazing angles and shapes for the dancers. She leads the group in a meditative improvisation, which I don't want to give away, that allows for such creative ideas and movement to come from the dancers. Tanne is also very creative with the angles she takes of the dancers. You will see only a tiny snapshot here on the website and these are only of some of her first edits from our first photoshoot. She is editing more from our first shoot and our second shoot. So needless to say, our website photos will probably be updated several times, most likely because I can't make up my mind, they're that great! The rest will be promotional and on our Instagram @pdcla.  The dancers we're so impressed by her as well and had so much fun bonding at each shoot. We have many more shoots planned so be on the lookout for more posts! 

First week success!!!

Can I just say how excited I am for where this company is going!! Our first week was full of generating phrases. Each dancer created a phrase and then reworked it in many different ways. I gave them our base idea for our newest work and had them create movement based off those emotions, or a personal story that they can relate to. They had roughly 30 min to create phrases and then demonstrate them. From there we picked it apart and saved all the good stuff:). The next assignment the dancers had to do was different for each dancer. Some had to switch their arms and legs, some had to reverse it, some made the back of their body the front of their body and some put their whole solo into a floor phrase. I also made a phrase a taught them all my phrase. A few of them I assigned that they combine their phrase with mine by taking the first movement from theirs and then the first of mine and create a new phrase off that with the one for one idea. Let's just say they needed their coffee! 

I love this process because it allows the dancers to contribute to creating the piece as artists and not just dancers performing movement that doesn't sync with how their body wants to move. Now they are able to connect with the piece and have emotions and feelings connected to it which will be seen within the work. They wont have to muster up feelings that aren't original because they will already be connected to it in a whole new light. 

Right now we are having rehearsals 2-3 times a week for up to 3-5 hours each day. We are lucky enough to rehearse by the fresh ocean breeze of Marina Del Rey thanks to our wonderful Associate Artistic Director, Kaycee Jannino! 

The dancers are just wonderful! Their spirits are high and excited to be creating and involved in the creation process! We are already starting to feel like a family which I love!!!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram @pdcla and Facebook.com/pdcla

Till next time! 

Top row- Nick, Laura, Kozue, Lyla, Leah, Elise  Bottom row- Kaycee, Carisa, Samantha, (not pictured- Jestoni)

Top row- Nick, Laura, Kozue, Lyla, Leah, Elise

Bottom row- Kaycee, Carisa, Samantha, (not pictured- Jestoni)


PDCLA Artistic Director | Carisa Carroll

PDCLA Artistic Director | Carisa Carroll

Hello Los Angeles!!

As of 2/22/17 we officially have dancers for our new company! We held auditions at the beautifully renovated Downtown Dance & Movement studios and had a wonderful turnout of so many talented dancers. Auditions are such a hard process but all that training eventually pays off! Thank you to all the dancers who came, we wish you luck and hope to see you in the future!

Our first rehearsals as an official company start next week, woohoo! Most of you probably don't know me, read my bio and follow my Instagram to know my background more, but I have been choreographing now for 3 years and love it!! It brings me such satisfaction and joy throughout the whole process. So far I have been the one creating all the movement for each piece but I am starting this company based on being a collective which I've done a little bit of. The first collaboration I did was on Volare which was set on the dancers at Santa Barbara City College by Ashley Adams and myself. It was challenging but I love how it turned out and the dancers loved the piece. I have always involved the dancers opinions of the movement and will often ask them if they have any suggestions or ideas to contribute. 

One new way I have collaborated as my self being a dancer in other choreographers work and now in my most recent duet Sticks & Stones, is to have the dancers take my phrases and mix up the order of the movement. From there we dive deeper and will switch the arms & legs, make the back front, etc. until we have generated a lot of new movement with only 2 phrases. I give the dancers their artistic freedom to interpret those prompts however they can. I am going to be using this idea on most all our new works we create. Another way we are going to stand out as a collective is that each dancer will generate a phrase based off our pieces theme and from there mix up everyones phrases how I stated before and create duets, solos, group sections out of those new variations. This will create unique, original works that represent each dancer on stage and allow each dancer to feel comfortable on stage and perform without the distraction of feeling uncomfortable in someone else's work.

We hope to hold open company class in the near future and hope you will follow us on social media to stay updated on that! Our goal is to also be able to open up company rehearsals to allow the public to participate and contribute to the creation process. Stay tuned for more info coming on that!

Thanks everyone!!!