A little while ago I posted an ad for wanting to collaborate with a local photographer. Never did I think it would end up being the most perfect situation! Tanne Udde is a student at the New York Film Academy which has a location here in LA. She is also a contemporary dancer!!! She has the most amazing process of taking pictures that create the most amazing angles and shapes for the dancers. She leads the group in a meditative improvisation, which I don't want to give away, that allows for such creative ideas and movement to come from the dancers. Tanne is also very creative with the angles she takes of the dancers. You will see only a tiny snapshot here on the website and these are only of some of her first edits from our first photoshoot. She is editing more from our first shoot and our second shoot. So needless to say, our website photos will probably be updated several times, most likely because I can't make up my mind, they're that great! The rest will be promotional and on our Instagram @pdcla.  The dancers we're so impressed by her as well and had so much fun bonding at each shoot. We have many more shoots planned so be on the lookout for more posts!