PDCLA Artistic Director | Carisa Carroll

PDCLA Artistic Director | Carisa Carroll

Hello Los Angeles!!

As of 2/22/17 we officially have dancers for our new company! We held auditions at the beautifully renovated Downtown Dance & Movement studios and had a wonderful turnout of so many talented dancers. Auditions are such a hard process but all that training eventually pays off! Thank you to all the dancers who came, we wish you luck and hope to see you in the future!

Our first rehearsals as an official company start next week, woohoo! Most of you probably don't know me, read my bio and follow my Instagram to know my background more, but I have been choreographing now for 3 years and love it!! It brings me such satisfaction and joy throughout the whole process. So far I have been the one creating all the movement for each piece but I am starting this company based on being a collective which I've done a little bit of. The first collaboration I did was on Volare which was set on the dancers at Santa Barbara City College by Ashley Adams and myself. It was challenging but I love how it turned out and the dancers loved the piece. I have always involved the dancers opinions of the movement and will often ask them if they have any suggestions or ideas to contribute. 

One new way I have collaborated as my self being a dancer in other choreographers work and now in my most recent duet Sticks & Stones, is to have the dancers take my phrases and mix up the order of the movement. From there we dive deeper and will switch the arms & legs, make the back front, etc. until we have generated a lot of new movement with only 2 phrases. I give the dancers their artistic freedom to interpret those prompts however they can. I am going to be using this idea on most all our new works we create. Another way we are going to stand out as a collective is that each dancer will generate a phrase based off our pieces theme and from there mix up everyones phrases how I stated before and create duets, solos, group sections out of those new variations. This will create unique, original works that represent each dancer on stage and allow each dancer to feel comfortable on stage and perform without the distraction of feeling uncomfortable in someone else's work.

We hope to hold open company class in the near future and hope you will follow us on social media to stay updated on that! Our goal is to also be able to open up company rehearsals to allow the public to participate and contribute to the creation process. Stay tuned for more info coming on that!

Thanks everyone!!!