Words can not express the gratitude I have to have been apart of the Los Angeles Dance Festival. It was such an honor to share the stage with such talented artists. We had an amazing experience and will keep enjoying our memories for weeks to come!

Jeff Slayton wrote a wonderful review on seedance.com about our newest collaborated work that was presented at LADF. We also have video clips on our Instagram @pdcla.

"kənˈfôrmədē is the pronunciation form of the word conformity, meaning the compliance with standards, rules or laws. Choreographed by Carisa Carroll, the Artistic Director/Choreographer of Palm Dance Collective LA, the dance opens with performers walking, each seeming to have a destination in mind. One man, however, begins to twitch and change course which sets off a chain of events for lead dancer, Jestoni DagDag, who tries to conform, but cannot. Carroll has a strong sense of composition and the movement is tinged with loose athleticism. She uses physical contact to re-route her characters into nonconformity, and straight lines to demonstrate the lure of conformity. There is a beautiful duet with DagDag and Leah Hamel at the close of kənˈfôrmədē which highlights how many are resistance to change. The rest of the talented cast includes Kozue Kasahara, Elise Matthews, Lyla Palmer, Samantha Rose and Nicholas Shopoff." - Jeff Slayton

We look forward to presenting this piece at festivals to come and look forward to how it will ever evolve!