This weekend starts our journey in the amazing 4 weekend long festival!!! This is an amazing opportunity for Los Angeles to experience all styles of dance, each night completely unique. We are so excited to kick off our part of the festival by having company class this Sunday, May 7th at 10am at the Brockus Project studios. The class is $20 and we are going to be scouting potential talent for upcoming projects we have starting up within the next few weeks! Since we are the first class of the day, we will do a short warm up and then jump into company rep and possibly some new work as well! 

Take advantage of all the amazing classes and performances!!! There's a great discount class card and same idea for the festival performances. 

We will be performing Sunday, May 14th! I know- it's Mother's Day- but don't let that stop you!! Bring your mom and make a fun day of it by going to brunch, walk on the beach and come to the show at 6pm!! Parking is going to be tough, we recommend getting a Lift or Uber.

Here's the link for tickets

The venue is Theatre Raymond Kabbaz

Can't wait to see you there!!