master class

saturday, june 23rd, 12:30-3pm

$25/dancer, $10/observer

Laura Karlin 

Invertigo Dance Theater

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our master class is included for our summer intensive students but is also open to the community to attend!


About Invertigo Dance Theatre

Invertigo Dance Theatre was founded by Artistic Director Laura Karlin in 2007, and we are a contempuorary dance company based in Los Angeles.  Invertigo blends highly athletic, virtuosic with theatricality and storytelling.  Invertigo has a strong community engagement thread woven into its programming: our Dancing Through Parkinson’s program provides donation-based classes to people living with degenerative conditions, and the Invert/ED program provides a range of dance education and performance opportunities to students who might not otherwise have access to dance. Throughout all company initiatives, Invertigo is committed to paying fair wages to company members and commissioned artists.

About Laura:
Laura Karlin is the founder and artistic director of Invertigo Dance Theatre.  She graduated from Cornell University with degrees in Choreography/Production and LGBT Rights.  She teaches yoga and dance classes to students from 9 to 93 years old.  She founded Invertigo Dance Theatre in 2007 with the aim of creating a vibrant dance institution in Los Angeles.  She choreographs for the company and works to make Invertigo a lively presence in LA through performance, education/engagement programs and collaboration.  She wants to talk to you about dance, pies, gardens, social justice and other such stardust. and 

Class Description: Contemporary/Dance Theatre
Classes include warm-up, contemporary technique, investigating a combination, and theatrical and kinetic improvisation.  Movement ranges from subtle, intimate moments to big, spiraling, rich physicality.   Laura teaches to the dancers in the room, finding ways to challenge but also to bring out the strengths of each dancer.  She creates a community within the class to foster a sense of trust and to open participants up to risk-taking and connection.



Montecito School of Ballet, Santa Barbara, CA


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